Need a tow truck in Auckland?

Roadside assistance when you really need it

Avon Towing & Salvage is locally owned and operated and always nearby with a tow truck service when you need it. Simply give us a call in Auckland any time, day or night, and one of our licensed and insured drivers will be along shortly to help you out. 

Keep our 24/7 emergency service number, 09 836 2471, close at hand and we'll be there for you when you need us. 
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A tow truck loaded with silver car in Auckland
The Avon Towing & Salvage promise is that we'll be there for you in your time of need. When your car is at its least reliable, our team will take up the slack and provide vehicle towing to any destination you desire.

Contact our tow truck service in Auckland any time you need us and one of our drivers will be with you before you know it. 


Jeep getting towed
Professionalism is the key to Avon Towing & Salvage's success. Our tow truck operators are highly trained and experienced, and have encountered a huge number of situations over the years. This means that whatever situation you find yourself in, our drivers can extract your vehicle safely, and in a way that keeps it damage-free. 


Tow truck operator at work in Auckland
No one likes sitting around waiting, and this goes double when you're car has broken down. Not only do Avon Towing & Salvage's vehicle towing experts respond quickly, wherever you are in Auckland or beyond, but the towing process itself is undertaken quickly and efficiently. This means less waiting for you, less hassle, and increased convenience. 
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